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15 Months of Winter – Book Launch

Congratulations John on the release of your new book! We look forward to celebrating with you on Saturday!

John Bayer

In July 2012, John Bayer left Los Angeles and moved to North Dakota. He moved there with a dream in his heart – the dream was to not live in Los Angeles anymore. John quickly discovered that North Dakota is the most “not Los Angeles” place in the world. Fifteen Months of Winter: My Year in North Dakota contains John’s reflections and musing about living in the Dakota that doesn’t have Mount Rushmore. Many of the essays in this book come directly from his award winning O! Pioneer newspaper column (ND Newspaper Association – 2012 First Place Humor column – weeklies 2000+ circulation). Also contained in this book are all of the random thoughts, notes and writings that just simply weren’t good enough to be put into print. Until now! – Available on

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