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Art Installation Outside Epiphany Space


by Lauretta Coumarbatch // artist.screenwriter

Surprise, surprise! We walked out the doors of Epiphany Space one Sunday and discovered a pop-up art installation had popped up on the once lonely traffic island across from our Gower Street location –  just a block from the Walk Of Fame and within sight of the historic Hollywood sign.

The piece by Derek Klopfer consisted of discarded furnishings found within a 6 block radius of the site, each piece collected and then painted completely white. The “room” had been arranged just like an upscale designer would effect a graphic shabby-chic statement, which I thought spoke volumes about up-cycling as art or – on a deeper note – about redemption. Defying social norms and turning trash into treasure.

I witnessed passers-by whipping out their smart phones and others simply hopping right onto the set for a selfie, like I did with my friends Melissa and Charles.

In places the artist even mocked us with written instructions, inviting us to sit on the pleather sofa “if you dare” or demanding that we water the fake ficus. Or even more daringly, to drink from a pair of staged champagne flutes… would you do it? (I didn’t).

I had never heard of Mr. Klopfer, but now I am definitely a fan. He hit the right note with this piece and it has left me expecting more. I googled Klopfer’s name, which led me to his IMDb page, where I found that he’s a set designer, production designer, art director and more for TV and smaller indie projects as well as an actor.

Klopfer’s entire installation reminded me of my new friend Liane’s hobby of taking pics of random furniture she sees lying discarded as she peruses her neighborhood, and the possible stories behind each piece.

Or maybe I’ve over-thunk the whole thing. It could have been just a homage to the opening gag on The Simpsons.

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