creative coworking space in hollywood



Coworking at Epiphany Space happens naturally through the shared office environment, which gives artists an opportunity to work alongside like-minded people who have similarly flexible schedules: freelancers, independent contractors, work-at-home professionals, students &/or travelers.

Coworking fosters community by providing the flexibility to work with an individual focus, a collaborative focus, or to switch between both as needed. It provides the simultaneous benefits of combating isolation while eliminating distractions of working from home or in public environments like coffee shops. As relationships develop, the influx of inspiration and encouragement propels artists toward achieving their goals and realizing new ones.


Monday –¬†Friday – 9 am – 6 pm

Daily $15, Weekly $50 and Monthly $150 for individual memberships


  • WiFi & power
  • complimentary espresso, coffee, tea and water
  • community work tables and work bar
  • quiet and social spaces
  • private courtyard with views of Capitol Records & W-Hotel
  • free onsite parking (limited)

Coworking Membership

/>*closed holidays. check Facebook or the news/events page for black out days.