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cortney matz head shotCreative Coaching – Cortney Matz

Who needs a creative coach? Anyone who wants to achieve their creative goals without losing their minds!

Cortney is a professional writer and filmmaker who works with other creative professionals and artistpreneurs in a creative coworking space. Between the demands of paying bills, forming collaborative relationships, and that tricksy muse, she understands what a job it can be to move any project forward.

If you could use a fresh perspective on your current creative goals – or even just a sounding board for your frustrations –¬† Cortney will give you coffee, ask you questions, and generally help you figure out how to make that next thing happen (in a way that fits your life and personality).

To get on her calendar for a 30-minute session, email

“Working through some of my stuff blew the dust off of some old plans. Creativity doesn’t always happen in a vacuum, and definitely meeting up with you gave me some new ideas… as well as got me out of my creative funk!”
— J.P. Glenn

“I feel like I had a head full of ideas that felt much like a giant cobweb, and now it feels more focused and tangible. It was good to just say my goals out loud, and voice them, and have a sounding board that was encouraging and lovely!”
— Melinda Grace

“You helped bring clarity to my situation and made it seem less chaotic. I have a better idea of which next steps to take and how I can bring my dreams and goals to fruition.”
— Molly Matthews¬†

“I feel motivated. You helped me clarify what I am passionate about and interested in pursing further. Especially key words related to writing topics and potential crossover in interest.”
— Maylin Tu

Cortney offers one-time consultations as well as packages of monthly meetings to follow up and tweak your protocol.

Your initial consultation is $35, with monthly packages quoted on a case by case basis.

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