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Help us establish a co-working space for Hollywood artists.

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Help us establish a co-working space for Hollywood artists.

Hollywood’s studio system used to develop talent. Now no one talks to you until you’re professional. That can take years, and even if you make it, the show ends, the project fizzles and creative people fall back into isolation.

Until now.

Epiphany Space has secured a location in Hollywood where we will launch coworking and collaborative spaces THIS FALL.

We move in this September and will soon after open our doors to artists.

Who Are We?

In 2008, Bren and Melissa Smith came to Hollywood. Melissa volunteered with a local church and several ministries and became aware of a unique need that she began to have a desire fill…

The dream of an affordable creative community that builds up both the artist and the art.

Epiphany Space began in 2010 and has been waiting for this moment.

While we’re coming from a Christian perspective, Epiphany Space is for everyone. Perhaps not drummers for Blue Man Group and paint-splatter artists. Probably not aquatic performers (for now).

But if you or someone you know is pursuing the Hollywood dream, then you already know why Epiphany Space is needed. To fight the isolation. The rejection.

Catch the Epiphany with us! Give if you can. Mention it to others. what is domain . Social media us to let others know.

The Team

Melissa has an extensive background in hospitality management and is an ordained minister. She encourages artists in their personal journey and leads Epiphany Space’s community, spiritual formation and healing prayer ministries.

Bren is a screenwriter/story analyst with over a decade of experience working with writers. As a leader of an artist fellowship in NYC, and a mentor for writers in Hollywood, Bren offers a variety of perspectives to inspire creatives toward excellence.

Jake Thomas and Erin Brown Thomas are Epiphany Space’s Community Development Directors. Jake is a writer and producer who loves creating opportunities for artists to share their art and be encouraged personally and creatively. Erin is a film director. She is a talented artist and leader with a unique ability to see each person’s potential and connect people and projects.

For more information on the team

 Epiphany Space is a volunteer run 501c3 non profit, so part of your donation to this campaign is TAX DEDUCTIBLE (depending on the perks, and that’s one).

Our Goal: $50K 

Your donation will cover the cost of the location, basic furniture, WIFI, insurance, business phone, coffee service, paint, household printer and cleaning supplies.

At $75k

Your donation will help us upgrade the WIFI, provide a fax service, purchase additional furniture, basic computer equipment, whiteboard and chalk board paint, do some limited construction, and have a few marketing and fundraising dollars.

At $100k

Your donation will enable us to do all the above plus upgrade our office furniture, upgrade to a professional printer and industrial coffee makers, purchase AV and computer equipment, a security system, a vacuum cleaner, industrial mop, and additional furniture including lockers.

Above 100k 

Your donation will go towards providing much needed salaries for staff, and extending the hours that Epiphany Space is available to artists. Paid jobs in Hollywood are extremely difficult to come by.

Thank you for supporting us financially and sharing the word about our project!


Yes, we’re giving birth to Epiphany Space’s coworking space! But our Executive Director Melissa Smith is actually pregnant.

In fact, her due date is August 21st, the last day of the campaign.

We’re not kidding. Bren is freaking out.

This wasn’t planned. But since we have such a great team in place, Melissa and Bren felt that we should go forward in faith that all will be well.

So what good news will come first? That we reach our goal or welcome our newest team member? Who knows!?


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