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We all have personal obstacles keeping us from being where we want to be. Inner healing prayer might be a way to help you get there. In private Inner Healing Prayer sessions, we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to come alongside artists and help them get to the root of personal obstacles. Once the underlying wounds and lies have been identified, we lead them through a process of repentance, forgiveness, receiving truth, speaking truth, and even deliverance from various forms of spiritual oppression or harassment.

As God’s love and healing reaches into the deep areas of their life, landmarks are established that redefine and align their transformational journey toward wholeness in Jesus Christ.

“I tear up quite often when I reflect on our listening group — the challenges to grow and the wonderful opportunity to communicate with God together. Also, thank you so much for speaking words of truth to me regarding identity and beauty. God is really doing a magnificent work of healing and transformation in my life! Thanks for seeming fearless even when you might not feel fearless!” – JS

“I feel happier and lighter. I believe a lot of that is thanks to you. I’m grateful to God both for His healing and for His providing such a wonderful friend to be the instrument through which He sends that healing.” – MG

“After expressing concern about the persistence of emotional pain over a situation, Melissa offered me healing prayer … Melissa kindly walked me through two healing prayer sessions and helped me to practice discerning God’s voice. She encouraged me to take things to God and to believe that He would answer. One of the most important things she taught me about the answer was to accept it with an open heart and hand, even if it turned out my discernment was wrong. Having this prayer with her has helped with my ability to process difficult situations, especially the disappointments and rejections that come with working in a place as competitive, and sometimes isolating, as Hollywood.” – AP

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