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Matt _H__9019 smallLife Coaching – Matt Yeoman

We all have problems moving forward in life and in our craft. Life Coaching provides a structured environment for you to take the next steps and see significant change in your life. The goal of Life Coaching is designed for you to get to know yourself, set goals and take action towards both your learning and goals. Life Coaching is focused on you learning and growing both as a person and in life to bring out your best.

Matt is on staff with Epiphany Space. Over the past 15 years Matt has been helping people to develop themselves through his various work as a  Life Coach, Spiritual Director, Missionary, Pastor and Consultant.

Life coaching is available weekly or every other week for $75 per session.

Matt’s Rates: $75 per session 

To see more about Matt you can visit his website.

To Contact Matt:

email him at

or complete this form on his website!

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