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November 15-16 saw a small but mighty gathering of writers – minds set to tackle our projects, face our plot obstacles, and achieve victory.

We achieved our aim.

From sunup to well past sundown, we labored over our Final Draft pages and Word docs, wrestling with language and story. Pausing periodically to ask each other for help as we worked through particularly tricky twists.


We were so engrossed, we barely took any pictures at all. To the right is a rare moment of standing up, moving around, and thinking about pictures.

Our first day at work, we brought in a few script and story consultants to help guide us in our plot, structure and pitch creations.

Day two we were joined by Caitlin Carleton, Kim Dildine, Melinda Grace and Lex Quarterman, who brought our pages to life. Each writer had an opportunity to present 10-15 pages, which were read aloud. It was an awesome experience.






Won’t you join us for next time?

The first Write-A-Thon of 2015 will take place Saturday and Sunday, January 24-25. 8am-8pm, we will write and talk and write and laugh and write and brainstorm solutions. And write some more.

Don’t miss it! It could change your life.

More information and registration.

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