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To equip artists and creative professionals to partner with God in life and creativity.


To cultivate artists through encouragement, healing prayer and the development of spiritual and creative gifts. To meet artists’ practical needs by providing affordable work space, collaborative space and encouragement space in Hollywood. To support ministries reaching artists through our facilities.


Bren and Melissa Smith founded Epiphany Space in 2010 to bring a new depth of connection and community to independent artists in Los Angeles. After two years of experiencing firsthand the unique challenges faced by artists living here, they were moved to do something about it. Armed with inspiration from their time at the Haven in New York City, they sought spiritual direction from Grace Community Church (Fortson, Georgia) and decided to establish a space in Hollywood for artists to co-work, collaborate, and be supported spiritually.

Melissa began meeting with artists to encourage them in their journey; walking them through inner healing prayer sessions, as well as teaching them to hear God’s voice both one-on-one and in Listening Groups. Community events were hosted at various locations, with eager anticipation of finding the right co-working & collaborative space at the right time.

In the fall of 2012 Epiphany Space began its internship program for academic credit, offering students the chance to develop in film, marketing, and ministry. Shortly after, the leadership team expanded to include Jake Thomas and Erin Brown as the Directors of Community Development, along with Lauren Fritz to oversee copyediting and partner with Erin on branding.

A new season for Epiphany Space began in September of 2013 when all three components of co-working, collaborating, and spiritual support were finally brought together in the same physical space in Hollywood.

Over the years Epiphany Space has partnered with Grace Community Church, Ecclesia Hollywood, Pray North State, California4Jesus, Hollywood Prayer Network, Hollywood Day of Prayer, and the Impact LA Conference at Expression 58. The leaders of Epiphany Space are also alumni of Act One, Los Angeles Film Studies Center, Global Awakening, and Global Legacy of Bethel Church.


Melissa Gibson Smith
Founder, President & Executive Director

Jake Thomas & Erin Brown Thomas
Founding Members

Cortney Matz
Director of Communications

Matthew Yeoman
Spiritual Growth & Life Coach



Board Chair
Stephen D. Dockter, Sr.
Owner & President, Home Dockter, Inc.

President & Executive Director
Melissa Gibson Smith

Lance Ochsner

Dorothy H. Gibson
Programmer/Analyst/DotNet Developer
Pastor, Grace Community Church

Ronald R. Gibson
Pastor, Grace Community Church

Virginia L. Dockter
Owner, Home Dockter, Inc.
Teacher, Muskogee Country School District

Erin Brown Thomas


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  • Hi!
    I was just curious on when we will be emailed the live video footage from the open mic last week! I put my email next to my name, and I imagine it takes a while to get the footage to each person who performed. Just curious because I would really like to reflect on how I did.


    • Thanks for writing, Liz! We couldn’t figure out your handwriting and the email bounced back. Still working on the footage, but now we know where to send it!

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