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Matt Yeoman 9577 cropSpiritual Growth Coaching – Matt Yeoman

Living in Hollywood, we often need someone else to help us grow in our spiritual life. A Spiritual Growth Coach will come alongside people as they explore their spirituality and deepen their relationship with God. The coach will also help people navigate spiritual experiences or particular issues they may be having.

“Over four years of knowing Matt, I still remain amazed by his deep well of spiritual wisdom and strong Biblical advice. Coming off of the toughest year of my life, I spent an hour with Matt and he sat quietly and calmly across from me as I verbally tossed a load of my jumbled emotions and problems at him. With a few questions and gently spoken words, it was like he sorted and collated all my thoughts and fears and then nearly folded them and help me imagine my own action plan. It was both breakthrough and closure.” ~ Lauretta

Through a one-hour conversation, the coach will help clarify with the person the way forward. This doesn’t mean that the coach has all the answers, rather through a process of listening to the person and asking questions, God’s character and what He is doing will become more evident. These can be scheduled once a month or once every three weeks if needed.

“Finding God is about letting God find you… Allowing God reveal His goodness, His beauty, and His love to you.”

~Matt Yeoman

Matt is on staff with Epiphany Space. Over the past 15 years Matt has been helping people to develop themselves through his various work as a Life Coach, Spiritual Director, Missionary, Pastor and Consultant.

One thing that continues through all the ups and downs of life is Matt’s desire to live fully alive. Matt is not afraid to talk about Jesus because He is not a belief but a reality.

Matt’s Rates: $75 per session 

To see more about Matt you can visit his website.

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