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This Is How We Do It

Great news! Epiphany’s chief communicator, Cortney Matz, is writing a monthly column for Film Independent – that paragon of connection and education amongst the independent filmmaking community.

Film Independent blog

In September, the inaugural post was on time management.

In this context of balancing life with productive creativity, it relates to priorities. There is a glittering array of valuable uses for my time, and no end of people telling me what they think I should do with it. What am I really committed to getting done today? Once I know what that is, it’s up to me to protect it.

Now, in case I didn’t do a good job of explaining this earlier, I am no expert when it comes to setting and sticking to priorities. Full disclosure, I was late to an appointment this morning because I was suddenly inspired to post on Instagram. So don’t listen to me. Listen to this other person…

You can read the whole thing here (and comment!). And if you think it’s interesting, pass it along!

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