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Wait, Epiphany Space, the Movie?

Our dream for Epiphany Space is to be a physical and spiritual safe haven for some of the thousands of independent artists here in LA. It will be a place of belonging and being a part of a family. Epiphany Space will daily bridge faith and art in a practical way that churches can’t.

Our logo and website were created by local artists and our advisory board is full of artists. So I should not have been surprised when at a recent meeting with friends and the advisory board I was informed we needed to make a documentary as a part of our fund-raising campaign.

What? Me do a documentary?

It immediately took on a life of its own. Everyone wanted it. Erin Brown Thomas, an incredible director and editor, had a vision for the promo and documentary. She was practically dancing as she was shared her ideas.

So we formed a creative team to begin the process. It began with me (who barely knows anything about making a film), my husband Bren (screenwriter), Erin (director/editor), her husband Jake (writer) and our friend Kiri (screen & tv writer). There is a lot of information that comes to mind when you think about a fund-raising promo. So much you want to tell about what you are building, who you are reaching and what you believe. You want to get all the experts in the room, compelling images, carefully crafted statements and testimonies from the people who are receiving your services.

Well, documentaries are different. It is the stories of the people that are told. You don’t know what content you have to work with until after you are in the middle of the project. You may start with an idea of how the story will unfold but documentaries are unwieldy, unpredictable and risky and I can’t control it!

Did I say that?

Yes, I am incredibly out of my element but there are a team excellent artists around me who do know what they are doing and I must relinquish control of the project to God and Erin. She now gets to tell me what she needs me to do to move the project forward and she gets to tell me when I’m being silly too

So why are we doing a documentary?

Many people, including myself before coming to LA, have a perspective of Hollywood formed by entertainment shows, tabloids and content seen in movies and television that highlight a life of glamor, excess and success. While things do happen in Hollywood, that represents only a small percentage of the people in and around the industry. The stories of a vast majority of artists and hopefuls go untold. We outsiders have no idea what a struggle it is to get a job in LA that even begins to cover the food and transportation much less rent. Because of this, Epiphany Space wants to tell the stories of artists from all walks of life to bring understanding to the church on how we as believers can truly influence a Hollywood that is an industry, a city and a state of mind all rolled into one.

Our planning meeting for the promo/documentary went well. I took notes and added my two cents here and there. Everyone understands the vision of Epiphany Space and why it is need. I am overwhelmed by the love and excitement in the room.

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