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When Plans Fail

When Plans Fail

Sometime between dropping by for a chat with Melissa and running the first Write-A-Thon, Cortney Matz has become a regular part of the daily rhythm of Epiphany Space. As a creative coach, Cortney is frequently connecting with our members about their projects, goals and dreams, encouraging their vision and suggesting ideas for success.

We’re not the only ones who appreciate the scope of Cortney’s practical wisdom. Film Independent – the LA-based champions of independent filmmakers around the world – hosts a monthly column Cortney writes called This is How We Do it, all about the practicalities of working in a creative industry. As a counterpoint to David Allen’s Getting Things Done, Cortney is about getting things MADE.

Check out all of Cortney’s work on the FInd blog, but especially this latest one on Planning, in which she explores the common conundrum that we all make plans, but things never seem to go according to plan:

In times like these, we do have to wonder: is it even worthwhile to make these plans? How many of us had hoped to launch that crowdfunding campaign, or picture lock that film or stamp “FINAL DRAFT” on that screenplay by now? How many times have we looked at our schedules and bank accounts and drafted up an aggressive plan of attack, only to be blindsided by emergencies of indiscriminate nature and proportion? Fill in the blank—sickness, family drama, car trouble, surprise visits from treasured out-of-towners, equipment malfunction… these “interruptions” are much more the rule than the exception.

Life doesn’t stop just because we’re making a film. So let’s plan, but leave room in our plans for the inevitable surprise. How?

Read the full story here: How to Keep Your Creativity On-Track When Life Gets in the Way

Speaking of Life and how it doesn’t stop…

Epiphany Space is expanding!

coworking in hollywood new space

In April, we will throw open the doors of this new space (right next door to our current space on Gower Street) for coworking, dedicated desk space, a conference room, rehearsal space, classroom space, studio space, and an editing suite/recording studio. Not to mentioned our continued tradition of free parking.

Look out Hollywood, we have big plans for you.

Meanwhile, we have a ton of work to do! Come see us on Facebook to get a tour of the space as it is “before” – and if you can wield a screwdriver or a paintbrush, come help!

We’re making memories, y’all. See you soon.

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