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Creative Coaching – Cortney Matz

Want to work toward your awesome creative goals in a way that feels even more awesome? Click here to read more about creative coaching with Cortney Matz.

Script Consulting – Brennan Mark Smith

Bren is a screenwriter and highly regarded script consultant. To take advantage of his analytical prowess and get some help crafting the best draft of your screenplay, click here.

Spiritual Growth Coaching  – Matthew Yeoman

Matthew is a vested Los Angeles citizen and an ordained pastor, intimately acquainted with the ups and downs of the artistic life. What is Spiritual Growth Coaching? We’re glad you asked.

Inner Healing Prayer

We all have personal obstacles keeping us from being where we want to be. Inner healing prayer might be a way to help you get there. Read more about this service, led by both Matthew Yeoman and Epiphany founder Melissa Smith.

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