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Matthew Yeoman

Matthew Yeoman – Spiritual Growth & Life Coach

As a life counselor and spiritual director in Hollywood, Matthew has discovered two things: The spiritual life is a vital part of who we are. And we cannot survive without community. These two truths are the driving force behind his work as the Spiritual Growth & Life Coach at Epiphany Space. An ordained pastor, Matthew cares deeply about the spiritual lives of artists and his work with them has enlivened and enriched his time in Los Angeles, where he’s lived since 2012. 

Matthew works with Epiphany Space on team development and spiritual formation on staff, and leads small groups. There, he focuses on personal growth and developing true fellowship, the kind of relationships where honesty and encouragement thrive, where Christians are building each other up in the Kingdom. He also supports coworkers at Epiphany Space with inner healing prayer, where he follows the leading of the Holy Spirit to come alongside artists and get to the root of personal obstacles you may be facing, receive deliverance and healing, and discern God’s voice for yourself.

Matt also works with individuals as a Life Coach, tackling such issues as spiritual growth, career development, and personal improvement as each client has need. Matt provides a structured environment for you to know yourself better, set specific goals, move forward on the next step, and see significant change in your life.

Matthew holds a Masters of Theology in Bible Exposition from Talbot School of Theology, a Masters of Divinity in Spiritual formation also from Talbot, and a Bachelors degree in Religion from Muskingum College. He has worked as a Missionary in Mexico with Campus Crusade for Christ, an Adjunct Professor and Spiritual Director at Biola University, and an Associate Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Ecclesia Church Hollywood. He currently serves on the Renew Team of CRM where he develops retreats for church leaders and coaches pastors on spiritual formation in a church community context. At Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, he serves as a Formation Group Leader and discipleship mentor for students, coaching and supporting students as they discern their own personal calling.

One thing that remains constant through all the ups and downs of Matthew’s spiritual work: A desire to be fully alive. For himself, and for those Matthew supports, this is his long-term goal.

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