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Big Announcement: Epiphany Space is MOVING

Have you ever wished Epiphany was just… somewhere else? Well, your wish is about to be granted.

Epiphany Space is moving! Our current building is being sold, and we’ve been asked to vacate by mid-March. So sometime in the next couple of weeks we will be packing up our tables, desks, chairs and coffee maker – setting out for new horizons.

We are not quite ready to disclose our new address, but we want to begin rolling out this announcement now. There are TWO reasons for this:

One: so March 13 doesn’t find you in front of 1375 N. Saint Andrews facing a cruel surprise and crushed hopes.

Two: because… we need help!

Who likes moving? Nobody. But together, it becomes more of a pleasantly challenging project rather than an overwhelming chore. If you have a few hours to spare in the next couple of weeks, we would simply LOVE to recruit you.

In addition to packing, hauling, arranging and cleaning we also encounter some decorating and design challenges with moving to a new space. Below is a quick list of skills and stuff we are looking for as we prepare to move.

If you are a thrift aficionado, a craigslist genius, are cleaning out your basement, or otherwise handy in sewing, building or ice sculpting – we desire your input on the following:

New Space Wish List:

– flower pots/planters
– outdoor furniture (glass, wicker)
– random chairs that can be repainted
– painting said random chairs
– handiwork to shorten a wood table and polyurethane it
– handiwork to adjust the built-in work bar for a new wall
– painting
– concrete staining
– art for the walls
– playing with Viola (Melissa will need focus time to facilitate the move)
– outdoor cushions and shades for patio
– carpet installation
– a hammock?

Possibly other things. This list may change, location will change, but one thing that doesn’t change is our passion and excitement for you – our artist community. If you have an idea for getting involved in the moving process, please shoot us an email or ring us on the phone (323.469.1405).

And if you haven’t yet chimed in on our new hours for the new space, let your voice be heard! It’s a quick survey of five questions – your answers are very helpful as we design an experience that will serve you best. Click here to take the survey now.

See you soon.


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