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Indiegogo Update

Many thanks to everyone for donating! Hey, guess what — we just discovered that some of our support is not showing up in our numbers.  There seems to be a glitch in the system preventing some contributions from being visible.   We’re working with Indiegogo to correct this, and you will still receive a receipt, so don’t be shy!

In our last update we showed floor plans, and we’ve already released some interviews on our website about life in Hollywood, including one from Jenn Gotzon, star of God’s Country.

See the vid at:

In other news, Melissa is reporting she’s 1 centimeter dilated.  I don’t know exactly what this means but the doctor said the baby could come tonight or next week!  (Thanks for narrowing that down) 

We’re still holding out for a tie with the campaign but either way, it’s quite a race.  It’s two weeks left in the campaign and two weeks ’til baby Smith (God willing).  

Bren (posting from Melissa’s account when she wasn’t looking)

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