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Music Under the Moon (and its unintended effects)

What do you get when you cross the beautiful ES courtyard, a moonlit night, a clear view of the Capitol Records building, and a latent songwriting talent?

It’s not a joke, but it is funny. Little did Cortney know when she led Epiphany’s summer study of The Artist’s Way in 2015 that her long-private love for making music would show up in an increasingly public way.

10927178_1158011114213241_8296282372175140648_oWhat began a year ago with an impromptu courtyard serenade for a couple of friends led to a 30-minute performance at everyone’s favorite NoHo coffee house. And has subsequently become a monthly concert series and open mic – hosted by this non-performer who always insisted she was a “behind-the-camera person.”

If that sounds like a big change, it is. Nurtured within the E Space community, who believed in Cortney’s talent and bugged encouraged her to more confidently share it with others, Cortney is now a proud singer-songwriter actively working to connect with the LA music community.

Perhaps by now it is apparent that Cortney is the one writing this blog post.

And yes, she will continue referring to herself in the third person because she’s too far in to go back and change it.

And so in an effort to keep playing music and get better at performing, Cortney began hosting Moonlight Music Mondays on the last Monday of the month. She hoped people would enjoy the music and the space. She hoped people would be inspired to create. She hoped people would come.

What she didn’t anticipate was that people – musicians and audience alike – would find the sense of community and support that characterizes Epiphany Space.


On Monday, June 27, a bunch of musicians (and a few comedians) gathered in the Epiphany Space courtyard to enjoy music under the light of the moon. This was the first iteration of Moonlight Music Monday, and in a word – it rocked.

Cortney kicked off the night with a few songs she wrote, then was joined by special guest artist Sophie Ilys.

With the help of a team of volunteer friends, Moonlight Music Monday is gaining some traction and providing a creative outlet + low-key entertainment for all.

If you’d like to attend the next one, you can! September 26th. Visit the Facebook event and listen for the sounds of people having a great time.

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