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Sneak Peek & Invite!

It is hard to believe how quickly time has past since I last sent out a note! We are putting together your perks and hope to have them out to you in October. 

We are delighted to invite you to join us for Epiphany Space’s first events in our new location!

Wednesday, September 25th at 7 pm – Prayer and prophetic ministry with Melissa’s parents, Ron & Dorothy Gibson. We will also be dedicating the space!

Friday, September 27th from 7pm to 10pm – ES Launch Party! Check out the space and enjoy live music and comedy, board games and refreshments! Viola will also be present.

Location: 1375 N. St. Andrews Place, Hollywood, CA 91501

Epiphany Space is coming along and the team is pulling all the details together this week in preparation for the launch. We’ve scoured local shops, Craigslist and the internet for furniture. Local artists Randy Kizer and Chris Roberts built tables and a counter for coworking. Other artists are contributing time, trucks, skills and art for the space.

The prayer room has received carpet and we painted the white speckled laminate floor in the coworking and collaborative spaces grey.

(Dorothy Gibson staining the work tables.)

Some coworking has already been underway this last week in the space.

(Erin & Jennifer hard at work editing.)

(Jake & Leanna working on a script outline.)

Our daughter, Viola Kelly was born on August 27th. She’s beautiful and loves to snuggle and eat. Bren and I are adjusting to lives as parents.

(Viola just a few hours old.)

Thank you all for joining us in this journey and celebrating the birth of the new season of Epiphany Space and our daughter Viola!


Melissa Smith

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